Barber-Scotia's 24th President

Greetings from Dr. Douglass


I could not be more proud to be the 24th president of Barber-Scotia College. This iconic institution has been a major contributor in the area of higher education for people of African descent since the American Civil War.  Dr. Cornel West, in his monumental work, Race Matters, contends the moment some blacks were able to integrate into American society they abandoned many of the institutions established on their behalf. This caused historically black colleges and universities and predominately black colleges and universities that were once extremely instrumental towards black survival to become weakened or extinct. Such institutions, like Barber-Scotia College, survived because it embodies the essence of liberation theology - a movement in Christian theology that emphasized liberation from social, political, and economic oppression as a prerequisite for ultimate salvation. This ideology was essential to the newly emancipated! 

If it were not for the Presbyterian Church establishing what would become Barber-Scotia College and their understanding the salvation of the nation was intertwined with redemption, we would not have had graduates who went on to make America great, like Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, an advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and founder of Bethune- Cookman University;  and Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon, 1st black woman ordained in the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; and countless others. 

Barber-Scotia College is known for the search for truth, the commitment to scholarship and the opening of doors of opportunity. I plan to elevate the mindset of the privileged with a progressive curricula that prepares students to accept a significant role in society.  Nothing could be more important during this period in our nation's history! Therefore, the college will never shy away from its mission to serve as a beacon of light that shines on the path leading to a better world. 

For over 152 years, Barber-Scotia has been blessed with dedicated faculty, staff, and students eager to take on the challenges of the 21st century and beyond. Due to this fact, I look forward to taking the college to the next level.