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School of Business Entrepreneurship

The aim of the degree program is to help train and equip students with the intellectual capacity and social capital to forge new ideas, solutions, policies and products/programs that contribute to the global society in which we live. Earn a bachelor's degree in Business Entrepreneurship or Business Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Sports Management

BSC School of Religion

The college strives to educate students to think theologically, sociologically, and historically in understanding global complexities facing humanity. Earn a bachelor’s degree in Religion, Pastoral Care or Christian Education.

School of Renewable Energy

Barber-Scotia College is helping the United States to reach its goal of becoming energy independent by 2050. BSC is providing hands-on training for students to take the lead around the world and aid in the transition towards 100% energy-wind, water, and solar- for all purposes, in particular wind, water and solar energy. Earn a bachelor's degree in Renewable Energy.



The documents below should be downloaded. Please take the time to read email if you have questions or to apply.