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Barber-Scotia College E-Learning Center

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What is meant by the educational term E-Learning? E-Learning will utilize electronic technologies in a manner outside of a traditional classroom to access educational curriculum for the purpose of improved knowledge and skills.

The Barber-Scotia College E-Learning Center will offer E-Learning courses to students from around the world. The center will merge innovative learning and instructional techniques with interaction between fellow students, tutors and professors. The parameters of these online courses make it possible for students living unconventional lives to follow a flexible schedule and take courses that are convenient with the intent of attaining a college degree. 

E-Learning courses will be weekly online course meetings. Barber-Scotia College professors will create dynamic student-centered learning environments through informed research-based instructional methods. E-Learning courses will be interactive. Professors will guide students through coursework. Feedback will be meant to help students succeed. Professors will maintain high levels of interaction using tools such as audio lectures, videos, discussion boards, e-mail, live chat sessions and video-conferencing technology.

E-Learning classes will be kept small to maximize teaching and learning between professor and students. An E-Learning course will be approximately 20 weeks in duration.Courses from all degree programs will be offered each semester. The bachelor degree program may be completed through E-Learning courses.

2 Types of E-Learning Courses:

· Fully Online: A course delivered 100% online. Scheduled class meetings will be via online technologies and virtual meetings, including online exams. Video chats will be required with the professor four (4) times during one semester. No on-campus meetings will be required. Fee required.

· Hybrid: A course where learning occurs through a combination of online and on-campus instruction. Regular attendance in both formats will be required. At least 33%-80% of the content will be online with the remainder of the content delivered through on-campus seminars every 3rd weekend of each month during BSC’s calendar year. The on-campus seminars will begin Friday (12 p.m.) and end on Sunday (2 p.m.). Fee required. Dormitory availability at low cost. 

E-Learning courses are not easier than in-person courses. In order to earn a passing grade, you must …

· Use computers and basic software programs

· Express your ideas in writing

· Follow instructions for assignments

· Keep up with the reading and coursework

· Submit timely assignments

Online courses are just as rigorous and demanding as in-person classes. 

Many of the courses at Barber-Scotia College use online instructional technologies, like Blackboard, to supplement on-campus and online teaching. Each fully online and hybrid course will be the equivalent of the course we offer on-campus. Each course carries the same number of credits, covers the same subject matter, and will be taught by qualified professors. The expectation is that for every credit hour three (3) hours of study per week should be applied. This means that for a three (3) credit course nine (9) hours of study per week will be devoted. 


In traditional degree programs students receive instruction on-campus. Some may choose to live in a dorm on-campus and fully experience student life. On-campus life puts students in direct contact with professors for improved instruction and better interaction. Classroom learning aids students and teachers in discourse that is far reaching. It also allows professors to get to know students and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses better. This is especially important when pairing mentor/mentee and guiding students in their career possibilities. Traditional degree program maybe more suitable for those who have yet to join the workforce.

Tuition-Free College Scholarships are a reality in today’s world. Students seeking a college that offers free tuition scholarships, or other financial assistance, can enroll at Barber-Scotia College. The college offers free tuition scholarships and financial assistance for students from families with an income below a specific target. Contact the Barber-Scotia College Financial Officer for information. 

Students granted the Tuition-Free College Scholarships are required to work at least 160 hours per semester in an on-campus job, or the local community, as part of the *Workforce Development Program. In addition, students are to live in on-campus housing. The Tuition-Free College Scholarship is worth $14,500 per year. The scholarship covers tuition. It does not cover expenses, such as room, board and fees, which is about $3,750 per semester. In some cases, financial aid is available to offset expenses that are not covered.

Tuition-Free College Scholarships makes college affordable and accessible to all! There is no excuse for not signing up today and changing the trajectory of your future. 

*Workforce Development Program links a student with a job that is associated with their academic concentration. 

                         Earn a college degree and change your life for $14,500 a year!