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 Highlights of prominent figures in the Barber-Scotia College community.  

Spotlight on BSC

Volunteer at BSC


Become a BSC volunteer. Make a difference by helping others.  

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BSC Athletics


 Are you interested in improving your athletic skills? Join BSC's summer youth sports program. Reach out to our coaches for more information.    

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Future Students



Barber-Scotia College Prep

BSC Prep is open to anyone in grades 6 through 12. Scholars in grades 9 -12 have an opportunity to earn college credits. The scholars who complete the program are prepared to be stronger college applicants.  

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Future Campus



Barber-Scotia College is helping the United States to reach its goal of becoming energy independent by 2050. BSC is providing hands-on training for students to take the lead around the world and aid in the transition towards 100% energy-wind, water, and solar- for all purposes, in particular wind, water and solar energy. 

The future is yours if you prepare for it! Come to Barber-Scotia College for a  degree in renewable energy and help save the world. 

Future Campus

Dollars for Scholars



President Melvin I. Douglass  is launching a $1 million campaign,

Dollars for Scholars


to support scholarships.

Please join with him by investing in current and future generations of Barber-Scotia students, who will someday have a national and global impact.

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