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Student Membership


With admission to Barber-Scotia College comes a joint partnership with the home, the college, and the student. Each identity provides cooperation which helps to maintain the integrity of the College, its academic programs, and its students.

    1. The student is obligated to observe the rules and regulations of the College as presented in the College Catalog, the Student Handbook and the Standards of Conduct. Together, these documents provide the student with acceptable guidelines for daily student life as Barber-Scotia College.

    2. Barber-Scotia College exists for the acquisition, transmission, development, and application of knowledge. Students are free to pursue this process within the established guidelines, which are designed for the harmonious functioning of the College family/community. Students who are enrolled at Barber-Scotia College recognize that to receive an education is a privilege and responsibility. It is NOT an inherent right.

    3. Certain rights and responsibilities are indispensable to the achievement purposes of higher education. These rights and responsibilities accrue to administrators, faculty, staff, and students, since the viability of the institution is dependent upon the cooperation and support of each individual and group. Within the college community exist standards of conduct, which are established as a framework of giving expression to freedom, promoting order, preserving individuality and behavior conducive to the harmonious functioning of the community. The Standards of Conduct include statements of specific provisions governing appropriate student conduct and the range of sanctions that may be imposed upon persons who violate these standards. The Standards of Conduct are made available in publication to assist the student with their responsibility in becoming familiar with the regulations disseminated by the College.

    4. Barber-Scotia College reserves the right to cancel enrollment of any student who breaches this agreement or who violates the rules of the College when it is determined, through the established processes, that such a breech or violation has occurred. Barber-Scotia College acknowledges and respects the rights of each student; however, the College is not a sanctuary from the law.

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