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our vision for Barber-Scotia

We know that success is easier when you have an excellent education. Founded by the Presbyterian Church for newly emancipated African Americans, our educators have been compassionate, knowledgeable and committed to the highest levels of inquiry and bring a high degree of enthusiasm to the subject they teach. Since our inception, most of our educators have been recognized in their field.


Our School Seal

The Barber-Scotia College Seal depicts the founding date of the institution, 1867, and the Latin words LUMEN VERITAS ET UTILITAS – “Light, Truth and Usefulness.“


The seal is used to certify the authenticity of official college documents.


The College Colors

Royal Blue and Gray


The College Mascot

Saber Tooth Tiger

Our Song


O Barber-Scotia, our Alma Mater Dear 

To thee we sing;

Cherished both far and near, 

Thy mandates we revere, 

Our tributes we will bring,

Alma Mater Dear. 

O Barber-Scotia, our Alma Mater Dear, 

Thy Name we love;

Thou art our guiding star;

And though we wander far 

Thy glory beams above, 

Alma Mater Dear. 

O Barber-Scotia, our Alma Mater Dear, 

We honor Thee;

Point us the path of right 

That leads into the light 

Of noble service free, 

Alma Mater Dear.