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About Barber-Scotia College



Brief History of Barber-Scotia College

Barber-Scotia College was founded as Scotia Seminary in January, 1867, by Reverend Luke Dorland who was commissioned by the Presbyterian Church, U.S. A. to establish in the south an institution for the training of Negro women. A survey of situations and of needs resulted in the selection of Concord, North Carolina, as the place for the location of the school. Organization included a program of elementary, secondary, and normal school work.

Keeping with its purpose to prepare teachers and social work, the subjects classified as normal, academic, and home-making were offered in a manner to qualify for state certification as well as collegiate level studies. The Mission of the College has continued to focus upon Total Student Development (TSD), as etched in the Faith Hall cornerstone: “For Head, Hand, and Heart.”

A second period of academic development came in 1917-18 as the name was changed to Scotia Women’s College. In 1930, Barber Memorial College of Anniston, Alabama, merged with Scotia Women’s College, and in 1932 the name Barber-Scotia College was adopted.

Rating and accreditation by this time had become a point of great urgency in education in the South and four years (4) after the merger, the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (SACS) granted Barber-Scotia approval as a Class “A” Junior College. Eight (8) years later (1942), the Board of National Missions took action to support fully a four-year program for the college and in 1945, the first class to be granted the Bachelor’s Degree was graduated. The North Carolina Board of Education granted four-year rating in 1946, which made it possible for graduates who planned to teach, to receive the “A” Certificate.

On April 2, 1954, the charter of Barber-Scotia College was amended to admit students without regard to race or sex. Following closely on the event, the College was admitted to full membership in SACS. Barber-Scotia College remained accredited to award Level II degrees (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) until June of 2004 when a series of compelling and challenging circumstances impacted the College and it lost its accreditation with SACS.

Despite what appears to be insurmountable challenges, the College continues to be poised for revitalization that is proactive. Its future has been entrusted to a dedicated team of stakeholders and visionaries who strive to restore Barber-Scotia College to its rightful place in the pantheon of American Higher Education. Barber-Scotia College looks forward to this challenge with confidence that God will send students who will strive to prepare themselves for the challenges of the future and help restore the academic integrity of the institution.

Barber-Scotia College continues to express its gratitude to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for its historical and present-day commitment to the original vision of Barber-Scotia College.


O Barber-Scotia, our alma Mater Dear

To Thee we sing;

Cherished both far and near,

Thy mandates we revere,

Our tributes we will bring,

Alma Mater Dear.

O Barber-Scotia, our alma Mater Dear

Thy Name we love;

Thou art our guiding star,

And though we wander far

Thy glory beams above,

Alma Mater Dear.

O Barber-Scotia, our alma Mater Dear

We honor Thee;

Point us the path of right

That leads into the light

Of noble service free,

Alma Mater Dear.



Barber-Scotia College Mission Statement



We, at Barber-Scotia College, believe that human dignity is an endowment from God and that all persons have the responsibility for developing their potential to the fullest and for devoting their creative energies toward making a better world. We believe that all persons have five important aspects: intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual and that the development of one aspect is integrally related to the development of all others. We believe that the development and this integration must take place within a framework of cultural heritage and through a commitment to ideals arising from Christian and democratic principles.

Recognizing the unique and infinitely significant value of the individual, it is our goal to provide an opportunity for all students to realize their capabilities. We will provide this opportunity through a liberal arts education in a community concerned with the interaction of cultures, Christian heritage, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. The College continually seeks to provide an atmosphere and environment in which learning will always be adventurous for the total community of scholars.

To implement this mission, Barber-Scotia College strives to:

1. Stimulate the students to inquire keenly and to acquire appreciation of knowledge and understanding and to develop critical, independent and resourceful thinking in a climate that is conducive to excellence in performance on the part of those who teach and those who learn.

2. Maintain programs and services that stimulate the total development of students in terms of their social, intellectual, physical, cultural, ethical, and spiritual growth.

3. Provide opportunities for students to understand and to develop a fuller appreciation of their heritage as they grow in their understanding and interaction with other ethnic groups which include respect for self and others, acceptance of responsibilities, a sense of justice, global diversity, and ethical and spiritual integrity.



4. Prepare students professionally who will become competent teachers with desirable personal, social, and emotional characteristics for effective service and leadership in the elementary and secondary schools and in the larger community.

5. Prepare graduates for expanding opportunities for employment and leadership in business, industry, church, and government.

6. Strengthen the collaborative and reciprocal relationships between Barber-Scotia College and the Concord/Cabarrus Community.

7. Strengthen and maintain a climate of campus life that will perpetuate, support and promote the spirit of cooperation, integrity, mutual respect, and productivity.

8. Instill in the students a quest for knowledge that becomes a life-long process.

9. Prepare students for successful performance in professional and graduate schools.

10. Generate, manage and stabilize the fiscal and human resources of the College in a manner adequate to support its programs.

[Approved and Adopted by the Board of Trustees, 2004]





Student Membership in Barber-Scotia College



Annual Fund Donations

The Barber-Scotia College has an aggressive individual giving campaign. Your donation along with what we hope will be many other individual donations will go to.... Read More

With admission to Barber-Scotia College comes a joint partnership with the home, the college, and the student. Each identity provides cooperation which helps to maintain the integrity of the College, its academic programs, and its students.

1. The student is obligated to observe the rules and regulations of the College as presented in the College Catalog, the Student Handbook and the Standards of Conduct. Together, these documents provide the student with acceptable guidelines for daily student life as Barber-Scotia College.

2. Barber-Scotia College exists for the acquisition, transmission, development, and application of knowledge. Students are free to pursue this process within the established guidelines, which are designed for the harmonious functioning of the College family/community. Students who are enrolled at Barber-Scotia College recognize that to receive an education is a privilege and responsibility. It is NOT an inherent right.

3. Certain rights and responsibilities are indispensable to the achievement purposes of higher education. These rights and responsibilities accrue to administrators, faculty, staff, and students, since the viability of the institution is dependent upon the cooperation and support of each individual and group. Within the college community exist standards of conduct, which are established as a framework of giving expression to freedom, promoting order, preserving individuality and behavior conducive to the harmonious functioning of the community. The Standards of Conduct include statements of specific provisions governing appropriate student conduct and the range of sanctions that may be imposed upon persons who violate these standards. The Standards of Conduct are made available in publication to assist the student with their responsibility in becoming familiar with the regulations disseminated by the College.

4. Barber-Scotia College reserves the right to cancel enrollment of any student who breaches this agreement or who violates the rules of the College when it is determined, through the established processes, that such a breech or violation has occurred. Barber-Scotia College acknowledges and respects the rights of each student; however, the College is not a sanctuary from the law.

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